At least 24 people were killed as tropical cyclone Roanu lashed the coast of Bangladesh with heavy winds and torrential rains, also forcing the evacuation of half a million residents, authorities s

Met officials predicted very heavy rainfall over coastal AP during the next 48 hours.

The destruction caused by tropical cyclone (TC) Pam in March 2015 is considered one of the worst natural disasters in the history of Vanuatu. It has highlighted the need for a better understanding of TC impacts and adaptation in the Southwest Pacific (SWP) region. Therefore, the key aims of this study are to (i) understand local perceptions of TC activity, (ii) investigate impacts of TC activity and (iii) uncover adaptation strategies used to offset the impacts of TCs.

Most disaster risk assessment today is static, focusing only on understanding current risks. A paradigm shift is needed toward dynamic risk assessments, which reveal the drivers of risk and the effectiveness of policies focused on reducing risk.

A powerful spring storm brought strong winds and baseball-sized hail to several central states on Tuesday, with tornadoes spotted in Kansas and Oklahoma as the severe weather marched east, forecast

Seven people were injured when a tornado swept through part of southern China's Guangdong Province on Sunday, authorities said Monday.

The present study examines the role of tropical cyclones in the enhancement of tropospheric ozone. The most significant and new observation reported is the increase in the upper-tropospheric (10–16 km) ozone by 20–50 ppbv, which has extended down to the middle (6–10 km) and lower troposphere ( <  6 km). The descent rate of enhanced ozone layer during the passage of tropical cyclone is 0.8–1 km day−1, which is three times that of a clear-sky day (non-convective).

The clustering of severe European windstorms on annual timescales has substantial impacts on the (re-)insurance industry. Our knowledge of the risk is limited by large uncertainties in estimates of clustering from typical historical storm data sets covering the past few decades. Eight storm data sets are gathered for analysis in this study in order to reduce these uncertainties.

Several tornadoes were reported in northern Oklahoma late on Wednesday, with heavy winds blowing down power lines, damaging structures and injuring at least seven people, regional officials said.

The year 2015 will stand out in the historical record of the global climate in many ways. Modern records for heat were broken: 2015 was a record warm year both globally and in many individual countries. Heatwaves were extremely intense in various part of the world, leading to thousands of deaths in India and Pakistan.