a group of 12 European institutional investors has come out with a prescription for the international pharmaceutical industry, exhorting the latter to provide developing countries with easier access

Sri Lanka has derived a sure-fire formula for reducing drug prices and curbing the nation's medicine import bill. At a recent seminar, health experts recommended that the island nation import only

There was a time when Payinthulasi, a 40 year old herb gatherer of village Utchananthal in Virudunagar district of Tamil Nadu, had to trudge to the towns of Virudunagar and Madurai to sell her produce . It used to be a livelihood with extremely limited c

CII study recommends greater private role in India's healthcare sector, but the document centres around the lucrative tertiary care market only

A WTO meeting of ministers is hailed as a success

A Punjab resident holds inferior quality drugs responsible for his son s serious illness

Acting on a public interest litigation (pil) petition, the Karnataka High Court directed the Union government not to implement the Pharmaceutical Policy 2002 "insofar as it relates to the formulation

A Study on the Availability and Prices of Medicines in India

Pharmaceutical company seeks to use human data to promote pesticides

Low cost hiv drugs for Africa reach Europe instead