Research is often like an iceberg. The public interest can just be the visible tip with the invisible bulk being the private interest

a killer disguised as a healer. This is how a us citizen described Baycol, a cholesterol-lowering drug, after 31 people died recently in the us due to its consumption. The medicine

indian laboratories are in a contemptible condition. Of the 367 laboratories that use animals for experiments, 300 lack basic facilities to house these animals, reveals an inspection of the

WTO's conundrum: cheap drugs for poor countries or protecting North's business interests

Several eyebrows have been raised over the Cipla offer to supply anti aids drugs at one third the current price to developing countries like South Africa. On March 7, 2001 Cipla Ltd of Mumbai, formally requested the South Afri

Africa's first consignment of cheap generic antiretroviral drugs for treating AIDS was given to Kenya's Nyumbani Orphanage on June 12, 2001. "It's the beginning of the flow of medicines that have

A drug with fatal side effects may be reintroduced in the US

Drug companies manipulate a US law to prevent the production of cheaper drugs

The Kenya Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines, a representative of all non-governmental organisations of the country, is putting pressure on the parliament to pass the Industrial Property

Drug firms abandon their case against South Africa over the pricing of AIDS medicines