The development of new drugs could contain the spread of malaria

The need of the hour is technological innovation that helps tackle both poverty and environmental degradation

South Africa and Namibia have rejected an offer of the us to provide financial assistance for purchasing anti- aids drugs. A total of us $1 billion was offered by the us

How do you fight a company making you an offer you can t accept ?

The fight against AIDS in Africa hinges largely on drugs becoming more affordable in poor nations

The South African government has severely criticised an offer of Pfizer Incorporation, a pharmaceutical company, to supply a powerful and expensive drug called Diflucan free of cost. Diflucan is used

If malaria experts are to be believed, Kenyan health authorities could face serious embarrassment in the future for their reluctance to fully commit themselves to a programme designed to make an

The US drug companies want to maintain its monopoly over drug pricing a move that will delay the production of cheaper drugs

How a pharmaceutical company keeps profiting?

The Indian