If malaria experts are to be believed, Kenyan health authorities could face serious embarrassment in the future for their reluctance to fully commit themselves to a programme designed to make an

The US drug companies want to maintain its monopoly over drug pricing a move that will delay the production of cheaper drugs

How a pharmaceutical company keeps profiting?

The Indian

anti-hiv drug: Pharmaceutical company Glaxo has added yet another anti-HIV drug to its existing list. With the approval from 15 countries in Europe, the new drug Ziagen is

vaccine against hepatitis a: Smith-kline Beecham Pharmaceuti

CLONING TECHNOLOGY: Geron, the US-based biotechnology company specialising in embryo research has bought the Scottish cloning technology that led to Dolly the sheep. The company aims to clone patients' cells to produce specialised tissues for transplantation. Geron is issuing about US $28 million of new shares to buy Roslin Bio-Med, a private company set up in 1998 to commercialise cloning research. Ian Wilmut, the scientist in charge of Roslin's cloning programme said Scottish science would benefit through Geron's research funding.

A new tableting technology will make tablets smaller and easier to swallow

CADILLAC IN AUTORACE: Traditional American luxury automaker Cadillac will compete in the grueling 24-hour Le Mans auto race in June 2000. Cadillac officials, who disclosed

Experts believe that the Patents Amendment Bill 1999, which was passed recently by the Indian Parliament may give rise to an escalation of drug prices