The latest durg price control order will boost the MNCs and deprive the common consumer by damaging the small scale sector

A US $131 million-suit has been slapped on pharmaceutical giant Glaxo by 400 former patients. They claim that between 1944 and 1987, Myodil, a medical dye used in spinal x-rays, caused severe side

The Union government plans to introduce a bill in the Parliament to institute a national drug authority which would monitor and control the manufacture and marketing of drugs in India. Although a

BRAIN tonics have proliferated in Pakistan. A report by the Association for the Rational Use of Medication has identified 20 brain tonics in Pakistan, which are freely promoted for a variety of

To foreign tourists, snake charmers symbolise the exotic East and all its mysteries. But snake charmers now have a more useful role to play than being just items of curiosity -- they have formed a

A pharmaceutical multinational in India has set up an incinerator that suits it just fine

• Nicolas Hayek, chairperson of SMH AG, is looking for a partner to introduce the automotive equivalent of the Swatch watch he made famous in the 1980s. Hayek's inexpensive, stylish and

Multinational pharmaceutical companies Hoechst and Gist Brocades (GB) have locked horns, through their Indian representatives Ranbaxy and Max India, over a proposed joint venture with the public

THIS UNIDO study is an useful data source on the world's pharmaceutical industry and has been used in the World Development Report, 1993. The UNIDO data files on this often secretive industry are

Under pressure from transnationals, the Bangladesh government is likely to ease restrictions on producing and importing medicines.