Developing countries also fear the huge costs associated with greener technologies, which will be unbearable by their domestic industries. It could make their goods uncompetitive in western markets.

However, the Doha declaration does not take a decision on whether countries with insufficient or no manufacturing capacities in the pharmaceutical sector will be allowed to import generic drugs to

The European Union buckles under the pressure of the developing countries to reduce agricultural subsidies


A catalytic reaction that uses oxygen to help eliminate undesirable forms of alcohol

Viruses that kill bacteria

pharmaceutical giant Cipla has introduced a three-in-one aids drug called Triomune. The new drug is a combination of stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine. Cipla could synthesise the drug

Should the people of South Africa be denied medicines because they are too poor to pay for them?

A new technology to remove chloroform from the wastewater of drug plants

US drug companies are responding to criticism of the high cost of prescription medicines by putting out a new message for consumers: "We are not out to fleece you. We are, in fact, toiling hard to