A usual story: a transnational company develops a profitable product based on the resources and knoledge preserved by an indigenous community from the South. However, very little is done to compensate the community. Author analyse

DIVIDING WORKS: Dabur India Ltd plans to spin off its oncology and food divisions into separate companies. Anand Burman, deputy managing director of Dabur India, says, the company now wants to focus

The Swiss vote overwhelmingly against a ban on the genetic modification of plants and animals

THE COMPLETE PICTURE: Televisions all over the world display only 88 per cent of the image broadcast by TV stations. Now, Korean-based electronics company, Samsung is developing televisions that will

Trade in bio industrial products is on in full swing, conjuring up visions of El dorado. But whether the Indian industry can embark on this expensive venture is a million dollar question

Research on microorganisms is carried out in several stages comprised easy operations

From producing yeast to vaccines and life saving drugs, microbial research has come a long way

BUDDING FORTH: Bangalore-based Sri Vasavi Florex Ltd, a 100 per cent export-oriented floriculture unit, has tied up with Sayag Nurseries of Israel to set up a joint venture unit in

the political clout enjoyed by the pharmaceutical industry is evident from the fact that very few attempts at taming the malpractices perpetrated by it have succeeded so far. The top 20

The world's largest seller of pharmaceuticals, Glaxo Wellcome of UK, lost the latest round of a protracted legal battle in the US. A North Carolina court ruling on July 5 gave the green signal to