Drug firms abandon their case against South Africa over the pricing of AIDS medicines

the Union ministry of health and family welfare has banned the manufacture and sale of eight drug combinations, as they have no therapeutic value or contain ingredients for which there are no

Unlike sub-Saharan African countries, Brazil will not get discounts on two Acquired Immuno Defici

Multinational drug firms gang up against a company that wants to produce cheaper generics

More than 40 pharmaceutical companies, including the world's largest and most powerful ones, will file a lawsuit against the South African government in a bid to stop it from passing a legislation

More revelations about how Africans are being used as guinea pigs for unethical drug tests

the discount scheme recently introduced by five leading pharmaceutical companies for aids drugs in developing countries is just a charade, reports the International Herald Tribune .

The development of new drugs could contain the spread of malaria

The need of the hour is technological innovation that helps tackle both poverty and environmental degradation

South Africa and Namibia have rejected an offer of the us to provide financial assistance for purchasing anti- aids drugs. A total of us $1 billion was offered by the us