Ayurvedic drugs will cost less with microorganisms yielding gold

The US pharmaceutical industry which has so far prevented its government from endorsing a prescription for change is now directly engaging its counterparts in other nations on the issue of giving poor countries access to cheap medicines. But as the Fi

poultry farms across north India are facing a mysterious viral disease. As many as two million birds have fallen prey to the illness and the economic loss has already mounted to more than Rs 60 crore. Even as the authorities final diagnosis is long overd

Bayer AG has agreed to pay the US government US $257 million after it was found guilty of overcharging for its antibiotic drug Cipro. The company admitted to selling Cipro to healthcare provider

By May 2003, the European Council was supposed to have reached a consensus on a directive that seeks to regulate the supply of herbal products in the European Union market. Once implemented this in tandem with two other regulations could rob consumers

Is the crisis spawned by this new viral infection a failure of global health governance?

Several strains of influenza or flu have been named after Guangdong province, where the first sars cases surfaced. This dubious distinction stems from the agricultural practices prevalent in the

Between March 25 and 27, 2003, two different groups of researchers in the cdc and Hong Kong University announced that a previously unrecognised coronavirus could have caused the sars epidemic.

sars is a stark reminder that there is no universal safeguard against infectious diseases. The syndrome has actu

Australian doctors have warned Internet users against buying drugs online. They caution that many health websites do not provide adequate information about the medicines they retail