KOLKATA, 16 AUG: The thermal power plant at Nayachar proposed by NRI investor Prasoon Mukherjee has hit a fresh stumbling block due to environmental concerns raised by the Centre.

a flat, 21 km strip of land in the middle of the Haldi river, three metres above sea level and accessible only by motorised boats, is the West Bengal government's alternative to Nandigram for a

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, may have hit upon a way to make malaria treatment easily accessible. They have found that a combination of curcumin from turmeric (a

Bad health is good business. The pharmaceutical industry knows that. But now bad health is turning out to be good business for the food industry as well. Food was always medicinal in traditional diets. But then diets changed. The food medicine connection

Turmeric to treat cystic fibrosis

Why are companies across all product categories nutracising their brands? Obviously, to catch a huge market growing by the day for health and dietary supplements