Farmers of the Gagret area organised a massive protest against the proposed SEZ and airport in the district on Wednesday. Thousands of farmers came out on the roads in tractor trailers.

The project was initiated by ADPC in 2005 with the FAO. The work focuses on four upazillas in Chapai Nowabgonj (Gomastapur and Nachole) and Noagoan (Porsha and Sapahar) districts of North West Bangladesh.

Delhi has been waiting. For its neighbour, Uttar Pradesh up , to release water to its swank Sonia Vihar water treatment plant. The prime minister himself intervenes in the matter. He persuades up

• Ethiopia's 10 million farmers are going to receive certificates that guarantee land rights to them. The country's ministry of agriculture recently said all farmers will receive the

• What's in a name? Everything, or so claim Mexican chili farmers. Facing competition from cheap foreign peppers, they want to give their products the same international brand protection as

Thampi Thomas, an advocate turned planter of Kolenchery in south Kerala, sold raw vanilla beans for Rs 500 per kilogramme kg in 1999. During the current season, he got Rs 3,750 per kg for the produce. No single plant in his 3 hectare ha organic farm h

Information technology can become a good development tool for the rural India. But can our villages be logged on to the infotech highway with poor infrastructure in terms of power supply and connectivity. Can we provide information to the common man in hi

Access to countrywide rates of agricultural produce means farmers would not be cheated by brokers

over 6,000 fisherfolk, farmers, tribals and artisans took part in a protest march in coastal Maharashtra recently against the setting up of India's largest industrial port at Vadhwan by Peninsular

HAVING an attractive, alliterative title is a prerequisite for popular books today, but it is Arthur Bonner"s subtitle that is seriously misleading. Averting the Apocalypse is not about "social