The possibility of component replacement and extending the lifetimes of existing plants are very attractive to utilities, especially given lingering public opposition to constructing new nuclear plants, while some governments see them as a way of limiting carbon emissions and power price rises.

We know that energy consumption in the European Union (eu) is rising everyday. Also, eu wastes at least 20 per cent of the energy it uses. The total energy production in Europe in 2004 was 2.4

High demand for clean diesel in Europe sends its price zooming

Reducing heavy metal pollution can help improve bird populations, report Finnish researchers. Tapio Eeva and Esa Lehikoinen of the University of Turku, Finland,

the Finland government has appointed a committee to compare the country's energy tax rates with those in other

THIS is a delightful portrait of the now' extinct Ursus spelaues, largest of the bear family. Known to have coexisted with the Neanderthal human and later, with humans of our own spe Icies

FINLAND'S forestry and paper industries have attracted world attention but for all the wrong reasons. The country is ravaging its ancient forests with mechanical tree harvesters, according to an

Faced with the century's worst recession Helsinki has had to cut back heavily on development aid. At stake are several international environmental projects.