A draft document by the Arctic Council fails to define liability for accidents in an icy region opening up due to global warming

Germany and six other EU nations hold the key to the decision on a rescue plan for the world's biggest carbon market after prices slumped due to record oversupply, three EU officials with knowledge

India ranked 40th among 50 economies in the world in terms of “dynamism” and 5th in terms of economics and growth according to Grant Thornton’s Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2012.

India has been ranked a lowly 40th among 50 economies in the world in terms of “dynamism”. Singapore topped the list, which was compiled by assurance, tax and advisory firm Grant Thornton.

European Union governments will probably reduce emissions outside the bloc’s carbon market by 8.8 per cent more than required under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, according to projections published today

Atmospheric oxidation is a key phenomenon that connects atmospheric chemistry with globally challenging environmental issues, such as climate change, stratospheric ozone loss, acidification of soils and water, and health effects of air quality. Ozone, the hydroxyl radical and the nitrate radical are generally considered to be the dominant oxidants that initiate the removal of trace gases, including pollutants, from the atmosphere.

A coalition of countries and agencies seeking to curb Earth-warming pollutants like soot released by wood-fired ovens and methane from oil extraction, on Tuesday welcomed seven new members to its f

NOAA reported that six other arctic monitoring stations in their international cooperative air sampling network have reported CO2 concentrations of 400 ppm this spring.

Commons committee warns European commission's plans will impose 'one-size-fits-all' regime across continent

Combine Harvester MPs backed the aims of the Commission, but argued against its methods