Scientists working in China discovered 45-million-year-old bones from the foot of an extinct

Research has revealed that modern humankind has no genetic link with the Neanderthal people

In a novel scheme to keep Delhi roads free of litter, the municipal corporation has decided to levy a penalty of Rs 50 on those found spitting, dumping vegetable, groundnut skins and cigarette buds

The missing link is actually two animals put together

a team of palaeontologists in southern Patagonia, usa , has discovered the fossils of the largest dinosaur ever found. Measuring 48-51 metres (m) in length, the herbivore, which lived

Many anthropologists believe that our direct ancestors, Homo sapiens , originated in Africa and left the continent about 100,000 years ago. This is popularly known as the "Out of Africa' theory.

Scientists unearth 178 million year old dinosaur fossils in Kutch

Global warming, say researchers, was responsible for mass extinction of life forms some 200 million years ago

Did fires caused by the Aborigines drive creatures larger than humans to extinction?

a fresh analysis of the skeletal remains found at Lake Mungo in New South Wales, Australia, 25 years ago indicate they may be up to 68,000 years old