chinese researchers have unearthed a massive dinosaur fossil from the Iren Dabasu Formation of Nei Mongol in China.According to the researchers, the giant dinosaur belongs to a family of bird-like

The recent discovery of the remains of a dodo in the island of Mauritius has provided some more clues about the extinct flightless bird. The skeleton has been nicknamed

It is difficult to obtain fossil data from the 10% of Earth's terrestrial surface that is covered by thick glaciers and ice sheets, and hence, knowledge of the paleoenvironments of these regions has remained limited. We show that DNA and amino acids from buried organisms can be recovered from the basal sections of deep ice cores, enabling reconstructions of past flora and fauna.

new fossil finds in the Vindhyan basin in central India have, for the first time, fixed the age of the evolutionarily significant mountain basin, not very long ago considered palaentologically

Strong indicators Plans are underway to install lightning detector on Mount Cleveland this summer. Researchers at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA, have found that lightning is a good

numbers phobia: Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) have particular difficulty understanding numbers and sequences, a University of Alberta study shows. An assessment of 50

A collection of fossil bones, some dating back 40,000 years, jut out of the natural asphalt at Tar Pit 91, the only active urban excavation site in the world at the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar

A 4,500 year-old skeleton of a man recently discovered in Mexico could be the earliest example of dental work in the Americas, claim scientists. The skeleton, dating back to around 2,500 BC, was

round salt: In what may be a boon to consumers and industry, a group of chemists in India has reported a method to make round salt. Scientists have been striving for years to smoothen the shape of

Dinosaur fossils found in Germany belong to a species (Europasaurus holgeri), of small dinosaurs, say scientists.