Palaeontologists must model the causes of biodiversity rather than simply cataloguing fossils, says Douglas Erwin, as they curate the only record of ecosystems undamaged by humans.

Palaeo-ntologists have claimed that world

Hundreds Of Dino Egg Clusters Found
Radha Venkatesan | TNN

Coimbatore: Geologists in Tamil Nadu have stumbled upon a Jurassic treasure trove buried in the sands of a river bed. Sheer luck led them to hundreds of fossilized dinosaur eggs, perhaps 65 million years old, underneath a stream in a tiny village in Ariyalur district.

Fossil remains of dinosaurs and dinosaurs eggs found at the nesting site near Ariyalur by a research team of Periyar University

health The Wnt pathway Scientists zeroed in on the gene responsible for multiple sclerosis, a disease in which the body

Chicago: Doomsday predicters can take some solace. Fears that a hurtling ball of fire can ravage the Earth has been laid to rest as a new study says comets probably won

evolution Link...or is it? A well-preserved fossil of primitive lemur Darwinius masilla, nicknamed Ida is believed to represent the point from which the group of monkeys, apes and humans (anthropoids) evolved. The fossil lacks the traits which characterize a modern lemur, a non-human primate. Instead it has a bone in the ankle that has a human-primate shape and it has thumbs,

zoology Undersea myths The mystery behind the underwater display of natural glow, seen by sailors time and again, has been solved. It is the bioluminescent marine fireworm that secretes a mucous which gives out a green glow to attract mates and ward off predators. Reported in the March issue of Invertebrate Biology, the study provides insights into how the fireworm functions

technology Mediaeval books dated by DNA testing Timothy Stinson from the North Carolina State University is using modern dna testing to trace the evolution of the book industry during the Middle Ages. Thousands of volumes, handwritten during the mediaeval period on parchments made of animal skin, still exist today. Scholars have long struggled to know the origin of these works. A

The largest extant snakes live in the tropics of South America and southeastAsia where high temperatures facilitate the evolution of large body sizes among air-breathing animals whose body temperatures are dependant on ambient environmental temperatures (poikilothermy.