Rice, a staple for many across the world, has been considered one of the safest and easily digestible nutritious foods.

To save biodiversity, on-the-ground agencies need to set the conservation research agenda, not distant academics and non-governmental organizations, argue Robert J. Smith and colleagues.

Palaeontologists must model the causes of biodiversity rather than simply cataloguing fossils, says Douglas Erwin, as they curate the only record of ecosystems undamaged by humans.

SILCHAR, Sept 24

A growing number of conservationists are questioning the scientific quality of the Red List, a hugely influential barometer of extinction risk.


Nature-loving visitors to protected animal reserves can make carnivorous animals like bobcats and coyotes scarper, a new study says.

camera traps work well to estimate species diversity of medium and large mammals, a recent study says. Counting the number of mammals in dense tropical forests is difficult and rare species are often missed out. Camera traps offer a new tool for finding the number of large and medium sized terrestrial mammals. But the method is not foolproof and researchers point out the importance of having an

A new way to predict how habitat zones will shift or vanish could help usher endangered species to safety.

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