Why do humans have such large brains? Switching over to eating meat may have been responsible

Anthropologist Richard Wrangham and his colleagues at the Harvard University in the US have found that tubers and the ability to cook them prompted the evolution of large brains, smaller teeth,

The ancestors of major animal groups may have existed 700 million years earlier than biologists realised. The fossil record suggests an "explosion' of animal life 530 million years ago, when many

Dinosaurs were tormented by parasitic mites, new research suggests. Dave Martill of the University of Portsmouth and his colleague Paul Davis used an electron microscope to study a

Scientists find the oldest life form in Indian geological history

An iodine deficient diet may be responsible for the Neanderthals' disappearance

Bacteria that can turn creatures into stone do exist

IN A major discovery, paleontologists have found a vast dinosaur nesting site in Argentina. Thousands of fossil eggs were found at the site. Inside the egg fragments, the scientists found the

Bats. did they evolvefrom four legged, flightless creatures?

...is written the history of the Solar system's formation and life on the Earth