Anything that evolves in contradiction to the twin engines of random mutation and natural selection is a potential threat to Darwin's theory. John Cairns, a Harvard University geneticist, discovered

Yet another challenge to Darwin's dogma comes from worthless stretches of DNA- JUNK DNA -or introns. Most evolutionary theorists see the history of life as a progression from spineless blobs to that

Battle lines between the insects and flowers date back to nearly 100 million years

The largest and one of the most well preserved fossil specimens of an ammonite has been discovered on Seymour Island off Antarctica. Belonging to the class Molluscs, these animals have

If the Jurassic Park was to be filmed again, the story would not revolve around T-rex (Tyrannosaurus rex), but around Gigantosaurus mrolini. The latest addition to the

ASIA, not Africa, was the home of the first simians. of Chinese scientists working with the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Sciences claim that they have discovered evidence

Phillip Tobias, head of the anthropology department at Witwatersrand University, with his discovery: primate bones dating from 3.5 million years ago, marking a crucial transition stage

They may have rid themselves of the shackles of the oppressive apartheid regime, but freedom apparently still manages to elude the Blacks of South Africa. They have, in fact, been invaded and

A new finding suggests that bees may have been around about 100 million years before flowering plants appeared

Dinosours, like Vincent Van Gogh, found few takers in their lifetime. Now removed from the face of the earth...again, like Van Gogh...they are raking in millions. For the last 2 years, locals in