Geologists have found in Mexico the filssil remains of a multicellular organism which is believed to have lived about 15 million years before the oldest known. The organism, resembling

SCIENTISTS from the University of Michigan in the US have discovered that stony lumps of calcium carbonate, known as otoliths, found in the ears of most fishes, can offer clues to seasonal

Toxins Released By The Tiny Organisms May

evolution First blood Palaeontologists dug up a dinosaur bone buried for 80 million years in Montana, usa. The find yielded blood and bone cells and collagen protein

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Though almost all people sensitive to the environment agree on the need to conserve biodiversity

marine boom: An unprecedented census of marine life is reporting three new fish species a week on an average. In the first interim report of the census, an international team of scientists predicts

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Species diversity alone is not the whole story of evolution

THIS is a delightful portrait of the now' extinct Ursus spelaues, largest of the bear family. Known to have coexisted with the Neanderthal human and later, with humans of our own spe Icies