Researchers now say that cannibalism is not a myth but was practised since the early days of human evolution

The recent discovery of 800,000 year old fossils may provide an insight into the last common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals

Norman MacLeod of the Natural History Museum in London and

Building up of ice sheets in the far north might be due to strong currents in the South Atlantic

The last of the dinosaurs could have inhabited parts of central India

Two new analyses pronounce death for the claim of life on Mars

Most fossils, repositories of early life on Earth, may not be fossils at all. Existing evolutionary theories stand to lose ground

A 2.33 millioan-year-old human jaw was discovered late last year on a barren slope at Hadar in northern Ethiopia. An international team of American, Ethiopian and Israeli scientists which found

Three human species which scientists earlier believed came one after the other, may have actually coexisted in Java

The Triassic has been brought into sharper focus, thanks to fossilised evidence found in the US