A new fossils throws open the debate on Homo erectus

Scientists have discovered living fossils -- 23 adult and 16 juvenile historic (how old?) pine plants -- in an inaccessible region of the Wollemi National Park, Blue Mountain region, 200 km west of

For creatures that were supposed to have dominated the entire planet, dinosaur fossils have been singularly missing from Africa. But now palaeontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago

Smaller version of mammoths may have inhabited Egypt long after they were thought to have become extinct

Fresh evidence supports a long held belief that whales evolved from land mammals

The antedating of two fossils of Homo erectus our immediate ancestors has shaken a long held belief that humans originated in Africa

Out of Africa

New fossils discovered in Siberia indicate that marine life evolved over much less time than thought by scientists.

SOME 1,000 dinosaur eggs found in China have become a bone of contention between scientists and commercial collectors (Science, Vol 261, No 5122). Scientists covet these beautiful and undamaged

THE JUNGLES of Vietnam hide a hitherto undescribed mammal. Basing their claim on remains such as skins, skulls and teeth recovered from local hunters, zoologists reckon an adult specimen of the