Geophysicists have linked historical earth-quakes on the southern section of California

Basel (Switzerland): A geologist on trial for causing earthquakes while drilling for hot rocks to produce clean energy has said he was surprised by the strength of the most powerful temblor.

Markus Haering, who designed the geothermal project, rejected charges that he deliberately damaged properties and said local people knew the risks.

ILLEGAL mining, both of iron-ore lumps and iron-ore fines, had picked up pace during the Madhu Koda regime, primarily in mineral-rich West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.

The water turning acidic in the reservoirs of Assam

Fossil fuels have a new crime to live down. A frenzy of hydrocarbon burning at the end of the Permian period may have led to the most devastating mass extinction Earth has ever seen, as explosive encounters between magma and coal released more carbon dioxide in the course of a few years than in all of human history.

The chips have gone higher in the controversial uranium mining project in Meghalaya with the State Government announcing that a whopping Rs 2,098 crore would be pumped in to develop roads in the impoverished district.

This paper on the state of Himalayan Glaciers by V K Raina, ex Deputy Director of GSI presents a historical review of the research to date spanning more than fifty years, and claims that it is premature to accept that Himalayan glaciers are retreating abnormally because of global warming.

Report of the Sub-Committee constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) in pursuance to the Direction of Hon’ble High Court of Judicature of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad (Special Original Jurisdiction) dated 29th June, 2009 in respect of Writ Petition No. 13341/08 filed by Krishna Godavari

S. Ganesan

D.M. Mohabey, Director, Palaeontology Division, Geological Survey of India, delivering a lecture at the Bharathidasan University in Tiruchi on Wednesday.

Illegal and unscientific mining continues to mar the fragile environment and the scenic beauty of the hill state as the state mining department fails to perform its regulatory role effectively due to an acute shortage of technical staff, vehicles and other infrastructure.