This paper attempts a decomposition analysis of Poverty scenario in UP during 1993-94 and 2004-05. It was found that poverty has decreased but inequality has increased between these years. The main problems in the state are stark inter-region and intra-region differences.

India would adopt the Chinese model for ushering in the second Green Revolution which would obviously take place in eastern India, according to Agricul-ture Minister Sharad Pawar.

Nistula Hebbar

Anju Agnihotri Chaba

Sandip Das

New Delhi: As part of its ongoing efforts to bring second green revolution in eastern India through rice, the biggest foodgrain grown in these states, the central government would hold its first-ever major conference on agriculture in eastern states in Kolkata next month.

Pawar To Hold Meeting With Representatives From 6 States On July 10

To many people, modern agriculture, with its industrial-scale farms and reliance on petroleum-based fertilizers, may seem a necessary evil

Richard Black

The Green Revolution of the 1960s raised crop yields and cut hunger

As efforts to mitigate climate change increase, there is a need to identify cost-effective ways to avoid emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Agriculture is rightly recognized as a source of considerable emissions, with concomitant opportunities for mitigation.