Poland's plans to increase logging in the Bialowieza Forest could breach European Union law because it would some of its destroy natural habitats, campaigners lobbying the European Commission for a

The air quality in eastern China continued to improve in the first quarter, but smog worsened in central and western regions, Greenpeace said in a report on Wednesday after analyzing government dat

The French government is "completely committed" to constructing the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, the French economy minister has told the BBC.

Greenpeace India today said "flaws still remain" in the National Air Quality Index (NAQI), launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a year back, while accessibility of data on air pollution continu

The Chinese government may finally be making strong moves against further coal energy development in the country, going by recent reports — with news of the blocking of development of new coal-fire

Greenpeace accuses government of ignoring scientists over fate of Białowieża woodland, home to 20,000 animal species and Europe’s tallest trees

Even as the government downplayed Greenpeace India's report where it said India had overtaken China's air pollution levels in 2015, the NGO today said a discussion on it would reinforce the call fo

MOSCOW – Economic crises in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have brought reduced testing in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Greenpeace says, and people continue to eat and drink f

Some of the world’s largest consumer companies are clueless as to whether palm oil they buy from Indonesia is linked to rainforest destruction, new analysis from Greenpeace shows.

BEIJING: Greenpeace East Asia said on Wednesday that China had a total of 210 coal power projects in the pipeline for environmental assessment permitting at the end of 2015, despite overcapacity in