China had 232 chemical-related accidents from January to August this year, causing 199 deaths and 400 injuries, according to research from the environmental group Greenpeace published on Wednesday.

Consumers want manufacturers to release fewer mobile phone models and do more to help them recycle, according to a new study by Greenpeace.

Bill to slash taxes on rooftop solar panels advances As Kinneret water level plummets, residents fear effects of prolonged drought

Greenpeace says three mining operations are damaging intact tracts of forest in the Three Parallel Rivers area, a UN-certified nature reserve

The numbers of polluting plastic beads commonly found in everyday face scrub have been revealed by scientists.

An invention labelled 'Smog Free Tower' is set to be tested in public spaces in Beijing in September

Loopholes in the voluntary pledges by the biggest personal care companies to phase out polluting microbeads have been revealed in a report from Greenpeace, which says a legal ban is needed.

Air pollution levels rose in nearly a third of Chinese cities monitored in the second quarter, environmental campaign group Greenpeace said Wednesday.

China is building another 200 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired power capacity despite tough new measures designed to cut the use of fossil fuels and tackle overcapacity, environmental group Greenpeace

Something has been amiss recently in the city of Tangshan, the source of about one-tenth of China’s steel output and (literally) eye-watering levels of pollution.