In order to minimize the enormous amount of air pollution generated by unregulated West Bank charcoal kilns, Israeli and Palestinian authorities are establishing a modern production factory in the

Bill to slash taxes on rooftop solar panels advances As Kinneret water level plummets, residents fear effects of prolonged drought

While the work was being done off the coast of the city’s Kiryat Haim neighborhood, a boat carrying out the dismantling process accidentally damaged one of the pipes, causing the remaining oil cont

One of Haifa’s central petrochemical plants had its plans for expansion turned down after the region’s planning and building committee feared it would worsen the existing pollution crisis.

The Haifa Municipality and the Health Ministry kept their distance on Monday from preliminary results of a University of Haifa study indicating that exposure of pregnant women in the Haifa area to

Israel’s economy has fundamental strengths, as well as high levels of poverty and inequality, according to the latest Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reports on Israel, relea

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a bill on Sunday designed to regulate the renewable energy sector in Israel while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating new jobs in the i

High levels of air pollution engulfed the entire country Tuesday evening as a strong southeasterly wind flow caused a dust transport to Israel from Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Despite a steady decrease in emissions since 2002, transportation remained the most significant air pollution source in the urban centers throughout 2014, the Environmental Protection Ministry reve

London, Paris, New York, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv and other cities around the world have all in recent years developed bicycle share systems to ease up congestion, reduce air pollution and promote e