Conclusive evidence of crop damage by ozone in Pakistan

ranigunj is a town situated about 200 km west of Calcutta on the banks of river Damodar in one of the most industrialised areas of the country. One would expect Ranigunj to be a thriving locality,

A regional pact in Geneva proposes to ban or restrict the use of persistent organic pollutants

sparkling green: Now, Americans will be able to wash their dishes clean in a green way, thanks to an eco-friendly dishwasher launched by Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate of Germany. The company will build a

Indian industrialists, from Bajaj to the Tatas and Birlas, have walked away with environmental rape, partly because they lack conscience

startling expressions of possible environmental degradation have been found in Minnesota, us . Deformed frogs have been seen in more than 100 sites in 54 of Minnesota's counties. At a recent

In the story from the great Indian epic, Mahabharat , the legendary hero Arjun was once telling his wife Shubhadra how to penetrate the virtually unassailable ancient battle formation, Chakravyuha , destroy it and get out unscat

The threat to the foetus seems all pervasive, with even something as seemingly innocuous as a computer display screen being a threat. High levels of radiation (including X-rays, magnetic impulses

THE mysteries surrounding the GaVf War Syndrome (Down To Earth, Vol 3, No 15) may finally be laid to rest. The Pentagon has confirmed that the symptoms associated with the syndrome, like

Lead-free petrol, which the ministry of environment :nd forests (MEF) is All: seeking to introduce in W, the 4 major metrop titan cities by April 1, 1995, is hazardous to health, says H B Mathur,