South Asia, the world's most populous region, may be the worst HIV/AIDS hit area by the next millennium. If concerted efforts are not taken in time, AIDS will soon be killing more people annually

Diabetes is no longer a problem of developed countries, it is now spreading like an epidemic in the developing nations also. Uton M Rafel, regional director of the World Health Organisation Southeast

six people in the us and one in Brazil have died reportedly due to the consumption of viagra, the supposedly potent drug to combat impotency. This has led to debates at several fora about

Scientists develop a novel way to tackle asbestos hazards

Unholy smokeWith a cigarette in your hand you would be a dead man. Yes, by the time you would have finished reading this particular box, smoking would have claimed another six lives across the

Incidence of tuberculosis is rising in the industrialised world

P K Ray an eminent immunotoxicologist and director, Bose Institute, Calcutta, spoke to Amit Nair on the various issues related to human health

Breathe in Delhi and you stand a good chance of getting cancer

Drug reactions claim 100,000 lives every year in the US

global warming is causing a resurgence in mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever across the world. These diseases are spreading from Kenya to New Guinea and South America