Female health workers in India face an increasing workload that affects their performance. The authors did a study in 2 districts of West Bengal, India, to quantify their workload and identify determinants of good performance.

Can the Medical Council of India effectively end the practice of drug companies giving freebies to doctors? (Editorial)

The Medical Council of India (MCI) in an amendment to its existing code of conduct, the Indian Medical Council (professional conduct, etiquette and ethics) regulations 2002, has proposed sweeping guidelines on the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession in India. (Editorial)

What of the proposal to create a cadre of doctors exclusively for rural India?. (Editorial)

The aim of the present study was to analyze factors associated with TB control at Mutale health sub-district in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Using a cross-sectional descriptive study design health care providers (n=72 professional nurses), DOT supporters (n=78) and TB patient

More than 5,000 women die every year in Gujarat due to pregnancy complications in remote and tribal areas. The state, which faces an acute shortage of qualified gynaecologists in public health facilities, devised the Chiranjeevi Yojana wherein women below poverty line can go to empanelled private nursing homes at the government

back in the 20th century, when nation-building was not a foul term and public-private partnership was not a keyword, children grew up with the ideal of becoming doctors and engineers. Medicine was a noble profession. With changing times, commerce has become more reliable as an instrument of healthcare than nobility; medical insurance sounds more reasonable than the Hippocratic oath. But the

the association of physicians in India has decided to raise Rs 1 crore through endorsements this financial year. The decision comes a year after the Indian Medical Association, or ima, faced flak for endorsing food products. When ima had endorsed PepsiCo

Swine flu virus is mild; unpreparedness resulted in panic fifteen-year-old Preshita Padhye tested positive for H1N1 virus on July 27. She spent the next five days at the isolation ward of the Aundh general hospital in Pune.

Can practise Indian systems of medicine in Kerala a decision of the Kerala government to register practitioners of Indian systems of medicine even if they do not have academic qualification has sparked protests across the state. The order issued in June specified just one eligibility criterion