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The Newars of Kathmandu realised centuries ago that if they had to leave space for future generations, they would have to live as compactly as possible

Research shows that the once dreaded caffeine can be used in the battle against certain cancers

Trapped and exploited by dollar hungry exporters, a child carpet weaver's work ends when the sun goes down. Only then is he free to have his first and perhaps only meal of the day

ROUND logs can be transformed into square ones without using a saw. The process yields wood that is stronger, denser and less liable to split and warp (New Scientist, Vol. 135, No. 1828). The

The tasty, popular coconut species of Thailand, kati, could not be produced in large scale because it is infertile. But scientists have now found a way to overcome its sterility

Complex systems of preserving biodiversity, evolved over centuries, have not saved traditional communities living in bio rich areas like India from poverty. Only if India starts patenting its germplasm can it compensate those of its communities which have

When cultivated in gravity free space, crystals have more perfect protien structures that help help in designing better drugs

• Half the world's 6,000 languages will die out in the next 75 to 100 years. • Harvard biologist Edward Wilson estimates that nearly 140 species become extinct very day. • The

MEDICAL practitioners in the West are resorting to traditional oriental medical systems in seeking to cure diseases that do not respond to conventional treatment. British dermatologists say they

AN ADVANCED, ultraviolet (UV) light-water disinfection system has been installed at a water pumping station in UK. The system, developed by Hanovia Ltd, differs from earlier systems in that it can