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Dr Suryachandra Rao, Associate Mission Director, Monsoon Mission, at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), explains a key atmosphere-ocean phenomenon.

Elevated toxic ozone levels to reduce with fall in temperature and a partially cloudy sky today

As temperatures soar in the national capital, levels of toxic ozone, responsible for causing a number of health problems, especially for asthmatics, have crossed permissible limits, the met departm

The intense heat wave sweeping across India could be another manifestation of an extreme weather event, a green body on Thursday said, warning that more heat waves were in the offing due to rise in

Here is more bad news for Delhiites. The Capital is now witnessing a rise in night-time temperature.

Centre for Science and Environment says cities feel the brunt of the elevated temperatures, because of the magnified effect of paved surfaces and a lack of tree cover.

A lot of confusion seems to exist over what really contributes to air pollution, particularly PM2.5 (fine, respirable particles) from the transport sector or from vehicles in Delhi.

El Nino is not only expected to affect monsoon in India but also in neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and some parts of Myanmar.

Global warming coupled with changes arising out of an evolving El Nino may have combined to cause the heavy spells of unseasonal rain which have devastated crops in many parts of India since late F

Now one can check real-time air quality in certain parts of Delhi and Pune. The ministry of earth sciences (MoES) has launched a smartphone app called ‘SAFAR-Air’ to provide the data to people.