A $74 million Indian spacecraft entered orbit around Mars today after an almost yearlong voyage, and for 11 percent the cost of the U.S.’s Maven probe.

India created history with its maiden Mars mission – Mangalyaan or MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) successfully injected into the Martian orbit on Wednesday.

India's maiden mission to Mars has "entered the Martian neighbourhood", its space agency says, 48 hours before its planned arrival in orbit.

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India has put into orbit five foreign satellites, including one built by France, to observe the earth.

Researchers from the biodiversity department of Abasaheb Garware College have recorded the presence of 70 species of dragonflies in northern part of Western Ghats during a project funded by the Ind

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is looking forward to the liftoff of its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C24 from Sriharikota at 5.14 p.m. today.

After more than 19 minutes of flight, if the PSLV-C24 puts India’s navigation satellite, called the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS-1B), into a perfect orbit, applause will echo across the Mission Control Centre. More so, because it will be the 25th consecutive successful launch of a PSLV, the ISRO’s trusty workhorse.

As part of its aspirations to build a regional navigational system equivalent to Global Positioning System of the US, ISRO is set to send its second satellite from Sriharikota tomorrow, which would

US space agency NASA yesterday said it would launch a water-related satellite in collaboration with India’s ISRO.

Residents of Keezhmadu, where groundwater has been found contaminated with ammonium perchlorate, will get 500 litres of water every day to meet their daily requirements, District Collector M.G.