Chemical effluents released from factories that came up on the outskirts of Adilabad town into the tanks of the surrounding villages caused the death of 40 quintals of fish in the last two days. Villagers and fishermen of Chanda (T) village of Adilabad staged a protest on Wednesday along with dead fish brought in gunny bags alleging negligence on the part of officials concerned in taking action against managements of private factories that released harmful effluents.

M Vijay Gupta, former assistant director general, World Fish Center, Penang, Malaysia was the World Food Prize winner in 2005. He talks to Sourav Mishra on inland aquaculture s relevance for the Thir

Industrial activity threatens the wetlands of east Calcutta

This book describes major environmental changes in India. It's a balance sheet of India's resources and focuses attention on the effect of ecological degradation on the poor. The interesting thing in the second report is the information that is provides on the linkages that operate on what can be called the interface areas: at the interfaces between different ecological spaces like croplands, grazing lands and forests; between the people and their environment; between economies of towns and villages, and so on.