Most shoes and leather goods sold in rich countries come from factories in developing and newly industrialising countries, where production costs are low. At first sight, this arrangement serves all parties involved: consumers in the wealthy nations get cheap products, and jobs are created in poor countries. However, there is a risk of race to the bottom.

LUCKNOW: The state is set to get a new zoo in Gorakhpur. The supreme court nod on Friday cleared the decks for the third zoo in the state. It will not only be the biggest, including the two existing zoos, but also the first to come up in eastern UP.

In the wake of the increasing incidents of animal deaths in zoos, campaigners of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) today demonstrated in front of the Central Zoo Authority in the national Capital, and called for shutting down of all zoos in the country.

LUCKNOW: Thirteen cheetal and a swamp deer were found dead in mysterious circumstances on Saturday morning. All of them were fed the fodder on Friday evening and deaths reportedly took place on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

LUCKNOW: Moving ahead with their afforestation drive, LDA officials planted saplings in sector-N of Kanpur Road housing scheme on Friday. As many as 10,000 saplings were planted by the group of LDA officials which included V-C Mukesh Meshram; secretary, M P Mishra and a host of other senior officials.

The World Bank has sanctioned Rs 1,332 crore to reclaim sodic land in 27 districts of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Secretary Atul Kumar Gupta said here on Monday.

New Delhi: Taking a big leap in its technological quest, IIT Kanpur has developed a nano satellite which is expected to provide real-time data on drought, flood, vegetation and forestation.

The satellite, designed and developed by a group of students of the institute, will be handed over to Isro, which is expected to launch it by the end of the year.

Farmers are opting for weather-based crop insurance due to frequent weather disturbances. Prashant Bachhav is one of them. He has six hectares (ha) in Nashik district in Maharashtra. Monsoon normally arrives in Nashik by June 10. Accordingly, Bachhav sowed jowar and bajra by mid-June. This year rainfall was sparse in June. Bachhav feared the yield would decrease by 30-40 per cent. He insures

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LUCKNOW: Taking serious note of illegal mining along river with the help of heavy machines in Uttar Pradesh, the high court on Friday constituted a probe committee to be presided by the Geological Survey of India. The court has directed the committee to submit its report in a sealed cover to the court by May 10.