The report of the National Knowledge Commission on higher education makes several important recommendations, and after due review they should be implemented in a mission mode for a much-needed revolut

This paper outlines the nature of the linkages between environment and globalization, especially highlighting the fact that these are two-way linkages: not only can the processes of globalization impact the environment, but the dynamics of the environment can also impact and shape the nature of globalization. It begins exploring these linkages through the lens of five "propositions' that seek to highlight those elements that are particularly prescient for policy-making and policy-makers. The propositions do not seek to cover every aspect of the environment and globalization problematique.


The financial sustainability of water schemes has run aground; and, repairs and maintenance is abysmal

Our brain possesses an in born ability to communicate, with or without a proper language . A recent study only confirms this theory

Discovering new bird and animal species just became easier

Monkeys are more knowledgeable than humans about the medicinal value ofplants

IF THERE is One striking feature about the intellectual landscape today, it is the increasing importance of science as opposed to literature or philosophy. Scientists are at the centrestage of

The New Science Journalists is packed with the kind of science reporting that is intelligent, well-written, entertaining and educative. The editors of the book, like the participants of

BELOW a few shimmering points of achievements, the underside of Indian science is a vast abyss of failure and frustration. The contours of the 7th largest pool of scientifically trained personnel in