Submergence of land is a major impact of large hydropower projects. Such projects are often also dogged by siltation, delays in construction and heavy debt burdens-factors that are not considered in the project planning excercise. A simple

New Delhi: In a bid to study earthquakes more closely, Indian scientists are preparing to send probes to greater depths to monitor changes in the earth's crust; perhaps the first such project in this part of the world.

The scientists are planning to drill a borehole up to eight kilometres deep into the earth in the quake-prone Koyna region in Maharashtra to understand the changes that occur und

Under water lake tapping is a Norwegian technique developed in that country mainly to tap the inland lakes located high up in the mountains below their normal levels for electricity generation and drinking water supply. This technique has been used for the first time in India as well in Asian region on Koyna Hydroelectric Project Stage-IV.

Recommendations by the Central Empowered Committee on the writ petition filed by Nana Khamkar on windmills in Koyna.

Koyna PIL in the Bombay High Court regarding damage of rural roads due to heavy traffic of windmill equipments.

Pune Koyna dam region has registered up to 20 aftershocks after Saturday

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APPREHENDING a major calamity like the 1993 Latur quake after the recent tremors that rattled parts of western Maharashtra, the state government has decided to approach national agencies and commission studies in the Koyna region.

The Gujarat 2001 earthquake drove home the point that cities built on river alluvium and sand are likely to suffer maximum damage from an earthquake due to high water table and the construction of dams in the upper reaches

An integrated approach to energy planning, when applied to large hydroelectric projects, requires that the energy-opportunity cost of the land submerged under the reservoir be incorporated into the planning methodology.