If soil quarrying is a threat in the terai, mining poses huge hazards in the hills of Kumaon. Soapstone or talc and magnesite quarries have been taking over commons for over two decades, depriving local people of large tracts of the forestland, pasture, watersheds and farming land.

The Uttar Pradesh government in 1996 (now Uttaranchal) started an ambitious tea plantation programme, which was to be spread across 12,000 hectares (ha). It included a series of tea estates to aid

This study quantifies the tangible, economic benefits of a nongovernmental organization's social forestry project to local people and analyzes the potential return from this investment in natural capital. The analysis was conducted in the Kumaun hill region of Uttaranchal, India, using participatory rapid appraisal, household survey, avoided cost method, and present value investment analysis.

The oak, an integral part of Kumaon life, might soon be extinct from the region

That can help remove kidney stones

AJAY S RAWAT spent six months in the Indo Nepal terais to trace the methods of timber smugglers

Kumaon villagers discover that gods are the best forest guards

The book looks at the value of water as a basic need instead of valuing water in terms of productivity in agriculture and industry, or in terms of the costs of supply. It examines water in the

For women in the hill area of Kumaon, Uttar Pradesh, life is not easy. They have to wear the skin off their knuckles to scrape together a living

... but the government has done nothing to monitor the prevalence of tuberculosis in the area.