AIDED by radio and seismic waves, scientists have discovered more than 70 lakes that lie buried under thousands of feet of ice in this glacial continent. Of these, the largest lake is a body of

Water hyacinths, Eichhomia crassipes, are posing a mafor problem for the country. Nearly 80 per cent of the Ugandan shoreline is clogged with these plants, which are killipg animals

Militancy has destroyed much more than peace in Kashmir. Kalashnikov trotting extremists are ravaging the last green frontiers of the 'heaven on earth'. Even the Army is accused of active complicity. Eco vandalism has certainly emerged as a lucrative deal

On August 28, the district collector of Karnataka's Ranga Reddy district issued an order to release water from the Saroornagar lake in Hyderabad. But the High Court stayed the order which was

Lake Beira in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka has become a shadow of its former self. Jagath Gunawardanx, an environmental legal officer, describes as "a stinking mess".1he two major

The Asian Junior Rowing Championships at Chandigarh, held from November 24 to 27, took a cruel toll of trees. The organisers found that the heavy inflow of silt and seepage of water from the

KEEP the Great Lakes surrounding the US-Canada border clean or fall prey to cancer and impotency, warns the International Joint Commission, the watchdog for the five lakes -- Superior, Michigan,

The Vaddis are the dominating community in Kolleru's fishing villages. They have a tightly controlled form of self governance that ensures equitable distribution of income

When a straight cut was dug to quicken the discharge from Kolleru lake, a small island became the casualty.

Moves are afoot to convert the brackish Pulicat lake into a freshwater one to supply water to Madras city and authorities seem to have little regard for the ecological and environmental consequences.