Unless affordable technology is provided to the fisherfolk, the survival of Lake Victoria in Kenya will remain under threat

Existence of Lake Nainital has been a matter of debate in the last two decades, because it is the only source of drinking water to Nainital city, a famous tourist resort in northern India. In the tectonically active lake basin, naturally occurring landslides have genered sediments in huge amount.

A MAJOR operation is on to restore the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Encroachments around the lake are being removed by the department of housing and urban development under its lake conservation

"Extremotolerant" bacteria make a living in the deepfreeze lakes in Antarctica

the Union Cabinet has approved the conservation of the Dal Lake within the framework of the National Lake Conservation Project as proposed in the Ninth Plan. According to an official spokesperson

Global warming is causing glaciers on the Himalaya to melt into natural lakes. This threatens the lives of indigenous people and animals

It is feared that this monsoon, the Tsho Rolpo lake

The book narrates the adventure of twelve-year-old twins Ishita and Sujai at the Chilika lake in Orissa. The book tells about the experiences of Ishita and Sujai with local fisher folk and their problems. It also talks degradation of the lake due silt and sewage and how the twins get influenced by the turn of events to participate in the protest march to save the lake.

In an attempt to save the Dhanmondi lake in Dhaka, the Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association has issued legal notices to various officials of the ministry of housing and public works and the

China s major hydroelectric power station on the shores of one of Tibet s most sacred lakes not only threatens the fragile ecology of the lake but may drain most of the water away within 20 years