Citizens approaching the courts for protecting lakes in cities is all very well. But in the end, it is a choice between using land for water or real estate a choice that has to be made. The Centre for Science and Environment

Trespassers moved: The glory of Dal lake is being revived. Thirteen hotels situated in the lake area are being shifted to Humhama near

In the past 30 years, not even a single lake in the New York state had failed to freeze unless it was an El Ni

A proposed blanket ban on scientific prawn culture in Chilika lake is a total let down for the fiskerfolk

Vadodara s lakes imperilled by reckless government decisions

Indian government classifies wetlands as wastelands despite the fact that they serve as reservoirs of ecological diversity. During times of floods, they act as sponge, which hold water and release

two more lakes of Bangalore have joined the list of polluted waterbodies. A socio-economic study conducted by the Indian Institute of Sciences ( iis ), Bangalore, in collaboration with the

Many flamingos were recently found dead on the shores of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria in western Kenya. Researchers attribute their death to pollution. "We have identified several toxic metals

The Gujarat high court has ordered the Ahmedabad's civic authorities to recharge the city's lakes for increasing groundwater level. Ahmedabad had 204 lakes in 1960, but now only 130 are left,

Two German environmental groups fighting against Airbus Industrie's encroachment of the M