Fly ash based cement is a victim of bias

Bangalore s lakes set to be leased out

Community radio network is a must to ensure development

did the World Seed Congress 2003 held under a cloak of secrecy in Bangalore from June 7 to 11 have a hidden agenda? It transpires that the conference digressed from the stated objective of pump priming the Indian seed industry and, instead, ended up s

While most of Bangalore is anxious to see the heavens open, the city s Lake Development Authority must be thanking its lucky stars that the monsoon is delayed. For if the rains had lashed the region on June 5 as forecast by the India Meteorology Departm

Karnataka still awaits rain

At a time when river networking is being touted as a panacea for the entire country’s water woes, the tide of opinion in Karnataka is turning against the concept. The dissent is moored to a proposed local scheme to divert Nethravathi river

yet another case of contamination of water has surfaced. The southwestern regional office of the Central Ground Water Board (cgwb) recently released a report of the water quality study conducted in

Tribal communities take on the state machinery to assert their own rights Kerala almost saw the birth of its first tribal republic in January 2003 when about 2000 tribals encroached on the forests of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and barricaded a 300 hec

Bangalore’s sewage contaminates Tamil Nadu’s water