Cambodia has passed a legislation to make the Tonle Sap Lake a biosphere reserve, which will protect it from development and exploitation of resources. The lake is southeast Asia's largest freshwater

With water scarcity gripping many parts of the country, people are talking about rainwater harvesting, but none about wastewater, which can also be recycled to boost our fast depleting water resources

Devices to reduce the emissions of toxic gases from two Cameroon lakes will be put in place by a team of 10 scientists and engineers from the us , France and Japan. The emission of these

The Ramsar Convention of IUCN held in 1971 in Iran raised global

Kolleru Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the districts of East and West Godavari of Andhra Pradesh. The major population centres in the Kolleru Lake region are the 148 villages of which 50 bed villages and 98 belt villages. All bed and belt villages in lake region have atleast one drinking water pond.

Large dams may spell doom for Lake Geneva

The Haleji lake plays host to over 100,000 migratory water fowls of over 230 species during winters. The lake is threatened with extinction due to a fall in water level and weeds. Earlier, the level

Jamnagar shows the way, starts a movement to desilt lakes

Chilika, Asia s largest brackish water lake in Orissa, is in the midst of a controversy that refuses to die. At stake is the livelihood of hundreds of fisherfolk and the lake itself. The fisherfolk have launched a movement to fight for their rights. Not

The Orissa state government and the high court assume different postures even as the local fisherfolk continue to suffer