High prices and illegal shipments of inferior quality have badly affected Madagascar's status as premier vanilla producer.

- The death toll from Cyclone Ivan in Madagascar has risen to 93 people, while the total number of homeless is 332,391, a statement from the National Office for Disaster and Risk Management said.

Mauritius-based Galana Petroleum company has been put to trial in Madagascar for causing pollution. The trial began on November 16, 2004. Galana's oil refinery is charged with contaminating water

The World Bank (wb) has approved its largest ever environmental grant for the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. The funds, amounting to us $49 million, are meant to help the country in protecting

Ecologists in Madagascar are highly worked up about the plans of British conglomerate, Rio Tinto Zinc, to mine 3 littoral forests around Tolanaro, a port in the southern part of the country.