Though measles is a vaccine preventable disease, outbreaks still continue to occur because of poor immunization coverage rate at the national level. The objective of the study was to report the survey results of an outbreak of measles in Puraini village of Madhepura district in Bihar, India.

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A powerful cyclonic storm battered Bihar’s Seemanchal area Tuesday night, killing 42 and injuring more than 80 persons, rendering thousands homeless and cutting off the communication network entire


The World Bank has offered to Kosi flood relief beneficiaries an incentive that is expected to put the reconstruction process on fast track: rebuild your houses in six months and get toilets and solar lights worth Rs 7,300 free of cost.

The offer stands for 1,00,00 beneficiaries under the $259 million Bihar Kosi Recovery Project started in collaboration with Bihar government recently.

A baffled Bihar is struggling to provide food and shelter to three million people rendered homeless by a flood that swept through five districts. The Down To Earth team travels across the areas inundated by the Kosi in Bihar and Nepal to grasp the impact and concludes that the flood is a human failure, not natural disaster

Even as he faked calmness, Dr Shakeel-ur Rahman was in turmoil as he tried to save a two-year-old girl suffering from acute diarrhoea. He needed to put her on intravenous therapy but the doctor and his staff could not locate her veins.

The Kosi, bursting through its embankment at Kusaha in Nepal, has swung 120 km eastwards, changing the lives of thousands of people.

Once again the army shows how much can be done against the odds, whatever the emergency

IN the tsunami of December 2004, people heard a strange, deep rumbling before columns of the sea came in. In 2008, the people of north Bihar had no such warning. The river was silent and swift, rising from a deceptive two feet to nearly eight feet in a matter of hours, trapping lakhs of people in remote villages in the districts of Purnea, Madhepura, Araria, Supaul, Saharsa and Kul.

The fishes are gasping, not out of the water this time. Rather in the water itself!