SCIENTISTS have now found a way to render "killer" malaria viruses impotent. Researchers based in the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University and other research bodies in the us have

With quinine-based drugs, traditionally sought to treat malaria, failing to contain the disease anymore, scientists of the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (cimap), based in

An insecticide obtained from marigold flowers is effective against mosquito larvae

As the malaria parasite and its mosquito carrier become increasingly immune to pesticides and drugs, a recourse to vaccines seems to be the only option

A Chinese medicinal plant known as long ago as 168 BC has been found successful in checking malaria, which is becoming increasingly resistant to most drugs

A NEW rapid dipstick method to detect the presence of the malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, could prove a boon to diagnosticians. The test, which has a sensitivity as high as 95 to 100 per

A new project is analysing several natural parameters that aid the spread of malaria

Dense cinchona and silver oak forests covering 3,000 ha in Valparai in the Annamalai hills will be replaced by tea plantations if the state-run Tamil Nadu Plantation Corporation Ltd (TNPCL) has its

Scientists are focussing on strengthening genetically the defence mechanism of mosquitoes so as to render them inhospitable to the malarial parasite.

A MALARIA vaccine made in Colombia by synthesising protein segments from the malaria parasite is proving promising in field trials, but its efficacy is still low. Vaccine developer Manuel