ECO-TOURISM has not won many supporters in Russia. Prominent Russian scientists have severely criticised government plans to encourage commercialisation of state-owned nature reserves, says a report

A controversy is brewing in Britain over the linking of development aid to an arms deal

MALAYSIAN authorities, still irked by the costly campaign they had to wage in the US to revive their palm oil export trade (Down To Earth, August 15, 1993), are livid because the Food and Drug

Malaysian palm exports to the US have increased dramatically after Malaysia retaliated against attempts to portray the product as being dangerous to health

For centuries, the Iban tribals of Malaysia have cultivated crops by clearing trees, but without endangering the rainforests. At the centre of their practices are traditional rights that each generation inherits.

Governments and loggers unhesitatingly blame tribals for the destruction of rainforests, but studies show otherwise.

Malaria is attaining near epidemic proportions in the country but researchers in Madras hold out a ray of hope. They have produced an environmentally safe pesticide that kills mosquito larvae.

Malaysia is gaining support to fight industrialised countries who are pressing for a ban on logging in the tropical rainforests. Its partners in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

A MALAYSIAN court has ordered the shutdown of a chemical plant in which Mitsubishi Kasei Corp, Japan's leading chemicals manufacturer, has a 35 per cent stake. The plant was accused of dumping

Tough talking Malaysian negotiator Wen Lian Ting explains why the North's stand on forests is morally unjust and politically untenable