The science, technology and environment ministry has instructed the wildlife and national parks department to look into the possibility of setting up a research and development unit to protect

The Malaysian government would help its neighbours to fight the haze blanketing part of the Southeast Asian region to ensure non-disruption of the Commonwealth Games. Prime minister Mahathir

Malaysia, the country that hopes to be the home of latest multimedia technology, is currently advising its people to "return to the soil'. Threatened by a looming economic crisis, Malaysia plans to

A project to conserve the Asian

the latest pet project of the government

IN A desperate bid to combat Vhe spread of a fatal disease that has already claimed 14 lives 91thce April, Malaysia has sought help on the Internet. The health ministry has posted a notice on

Daimler-Benz, the epitome of swank cars, is now all set to enter the world of multimedia ventures, announced Edzard Reuter, the group's chairperson. Currently, Daimler-Benz is holding "exploratory"

IN THE first occurrence of its kind in a wild species, scientists report that fruit bats males (Dyacopterus spadiceus) occasionally lactate. Till now, this oddity was seen only in humans and

• Investors have been flocking to timber-based businesses in Malaysia, where timber related stocks are being traded at high prices. This is a result of a combination of strong timber prices and