Even as protests against the Bakun Dam Project grow more strident, the Malaysian government remains adamant on its decision to go ahead with it

State-of-the-art technology may save Asian wildlife: satellite tracking was introduced in the continent to prove this point. Recently, an electronic microchip was attached to a radio

Malaysia's new federal capital was unveiled recently by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed. The administrative nerve centre of the country will be known as Putrajaya after Malaysia's first Prime

A new device to detect the much feared AIDS virus, is now available in Malaysia. The test is done on the oral fluid of the suspected patient, instead of the usual procedure of testing the blood. This

The grandiose Bakun dam project (Down To Earth, Vol 3, No 4) in Borneo is once again in the thick of a mess of its own making. In late April, the Malaysian government's department of

Malaysia has lifted a ban on the import of polypropylene and polyethylene, materials used in the plastics industry. The decision signals a temporary truce in its trade war with neighbouring

The 3-part environmental impact assessment of the ambitious Bakun hydroelectric dam project has angered the Greens. In late February, Ekran Bhd, the company in charge of the project, announced that

Malaysia is infuriated by Australia's moves to ban logging by foreign companies in South Pacific countries

MALAYSIA's Pergau dam is once again in the news, much to the discomfiture of the British government. The latest blow is the British High Court's green signal to the World Development Movement -- a

Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad strikes back with tough trade sanctions against Britain for allegations of accepting bribes