The number of poor people in the Maldives has reached 53,000, statistics publicised by the Islamic ministry has revealed.

The UNDP’s second Human Development Index (HDI) report for the Maldives urges stakeholders to address regional inequalities which remain a “major challenge” towards human development.

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has yesterday presented ‎the “Green Leaf”Award to those who have delivered outstanding services to ‎protecting and preserving the environment.

World leaders will need to show “real political commitment” if an international treaty to tackle global warming is to be concluded in Paris before the end of next year, according to the Climate Act

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday announced its decision to protect all types of rays in the ocean, starting from Thursday.

Laamu Atoll Gan Island Council has raised fears of an imminent “health disaster” following a severe sewage spill on the island.

The government on Monday announced its plan to ban the import of any products that contain Hydro Chlouro Flouro Carbons (HCFC) from 2015.

15% students aged 13-15 use tobacco in Southeast Asia

“As we increase our efforts to clean Malé, the amount of garbage dumped on to the street is also increasing,” said Mayor Mohamed Shihab.

Laamu atoll to set benchmark for climate change development, says UNDP thumbnail