The Maldives parliament accepted the Bill on Protection of the Ozone Layer and submitted it to an interim committee for review Sunday.

Discussions began Thursday regarding Maldives’ action plan for United Nations’ new international climate change accord.

The Addu City Council has on Thursday said that they are preparing to sign a contract with a company that would collect waste from households in the city.

No. 1 Landfill in the capital Male’ is overflowing to the streets after part of the landfill was given to police.

Chinese government unveiled two new infrastructure development projects in Maldives, and co-signed agreements to increase cooperation between the two countries, in a ceremony held in President’s Of

The number of poor people in the Maldives has reached 53,000, statistics publicised by the Islamic ministry has revealed.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) on Wednesday announced its decision to protect all types of rays in the ocean, starting from Thursday.

The government on Monday announced its plan to ban the import of any products that contain Hydro Chlouro Flouro Carbons (HCFC) from 2015.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Sunday that serious problems had arisen due to Boskalis acting against the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in reclaiming the land of three is

An international investors conference on renewable energy was held in the Maldives on Wednesday.